09 January 2008

separated at birth?

while watching a steelers game earlier this year, omar epps did not know if he was watching some crappy movie he made or an actual football game. he recalls, 'i remember making a baseball movie, basketball movie, and even a boxing movie, but i didn't think that i had made a football one.' after being told that it was actually mike tomlin, and that he is his brother, epps felt embarrassed, and a little ashamed. 'i remember some guy named mike would always call and email me,' epps said, 'but i thought he was some crazy fan. i mean, with high profile roles like phil stevens and lincoln hayes, people just come out of the woodwork. i honestly didn't know that we were actually related.'

it seems as though mike tomlin would have held a grudge against his brother for ignoring him, but he has been forgiving. 'yeah, omar texted me and said that he was sorry,' tomlin said, 'and he joked that now that i'm famous, he could associate himself with me. [laughs heartily] at least, i think he was joking.' tomlin was also asked if he is impressed with epps' acting as dr. eric foreman on the show house, md. he said, 'yeah, i guess he does a good job, but to me, nothing will ever come close to his performance as willie 'mays' hayes. he made me believe that he really was wesley snipes.'

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The Milk Crate said...

I will agree with this one. If you keep it up, you may begin to gain your credibility back...